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We at Aster have been pioneering travel and travel related products and in this context we are privileged to introduce to you the Aster Travel vouchers. The Aster travel voucher is convenient, cost effective and flexible method of incentivizing employees and other stake holders. Incentives form a very critical component of today’s business scenario and is key to motivating concerned individuals. Aster has revolutionized this by launching the voucher program. Below is a list of frequently asked questions which throws more light on the voucher based program.

What are the most popular forms of incentivizing employees & other stake holders?
Cash, Consumer durables and Travel & Holidays are the most popular forms.

What are the key factors covered under the voucher ? Does it only include ticket cost OR does it include a total package cost which consists of tickets, accommodation etc?
Essentially the voucher based incentive program is a more convenient, cost effective and flexible option as compared to the group travel option. Here Aster will print vouchers in denominations , validity & value specified by the organisation. This in turn is presented to deserving stakeholders of the organisation be it employees, dealers, distributors etc. The vouchers are branded with the customer colours , name logo etc. and mentions that they have to be to be submitted to Aster for redemption in exchange for a holiday. Aster and the organisation pre agrees on the destination offered and the price along with inclusions. Normal inclusions are return economy class air ticket, accommodation with breakfast in 3 to 5 star hotels, transfers, all taxes, city tour. Depending on the organisation's budget this could be enhanced to sight seeing, all meals etc. The benefits to the organisation are - flexible way of rewarding stakeholders / entire coordination with end user by aster / no lump sum outflow of funds, organisation will only pay when Aster submits the vouchers as and when they are redeemed / ability to differentiate rewards either by value or destination and highly customisable / can be implemented pan India.

Benefits to the end user - Is not forced to travel with a group to a predefined destination / flexibility of choosing dates within the validity period / can choose any destination / can upgrade package by paying the difference.

What is the Validity of the Travel Voucher?
The validity can be specified by the organisation. It would depend on what time frame within which the organisation would like to complete the redemption process.
What is the tax percentage?
The validity can be specified by the organisation. It would depend on what time frame within which the organisation would like to complete the redemption process.
What is the minimum and maximum value of the vouchers?
This is defined by the organisation. Different employee grades can be given different values. Different destinations can be specified too.
Is it for both International and domestic?
Would the Voucher be in the organization's name OR Employees name OR would it be a general travel Voucher?
Vouchers would be only in the organisation’s name with unique numbers and printed after Aster & the customer agree on commercial terms & deliverables.
Would there be a service fee when the voucher is redeemed for travel?
No service fee but if the customer upgrades then the difference has to be paid. There may also be difference in prices due to fluctuations in air fares etc. This normally ranges between 5 and 10 % but would also depend on the validity of the scheme. In such cases difference has to be paid.
If required, can an employee avail of vouchers directly from Aster?
Vouchers are issued only to the organistaion. Employee only redeems directly with Aster.
Are there any hidden cost?
No. Only differences if they arise need to be paid.
At the discretion of the organisation.
How is it handled from an operational point of view?
Depending on the value and destination, suitable staff will be assigned and they will be a single point of contact. Once vouchers are printed and distributed to the various individuals, they in turn will get in touch with Aster who will then co-ordinate the entire redemption process, holiday planning & execution.  There would be no additional burden on the organization’s staff.

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