Your expansion in the Southern markets of India is a big enough task. Why make it more expensive in the process? With Aster representations at your disposal, you can replace the need to invest in costly infrastructure by taking advantage of our services. Fully immersed in the corporate arena, our intercultural and multilingual staff is specialized and ready to represent and support your company in the Karnataka market. Whether it is customer or industry relations, we can provide the face and voice your company needs here. In short, your goal is to establish an additional presence here and we are here to provide guidance and act on your behalf.

Expand Your Reach Without Extending Your Costs
Our process is simple: Once you partner with us, you receive a business address along with dedicated lines and a dedicated contact at our office. We will field calls, forward requests, and handle any sales, promotional or administrative processes needed - all of which saves you the need to hire a staff and set up expensive infrastructure.

Our services go far beyond supplying your company with an address and a telephone number. We function as an extension of your company and will handle sales, marketing, promotional, back office and administrative activities. In the framework of Business Representation, we offer you a well-rounded package and will gladly tailor it to your specific needs. The following services will be available to you:

All The Services You Need In One Efficient Package
Setting up an additional office is quite an investment. Aside from the brick and mortar costs, you need customer service reps, managers, IT administrators...even building maintenance personnel. Our services cost considerably less. We work with each company on a case-by-case basis, and we are flexible with you in order to help maintain an affordable cost structure. By running your business's locally, we relieve your salespeople and other personnel of this responsibility, allowing you to focus on your primary mission.

Our Network Can Be Your Network
Housing your Karnataka market needs with us has even more advantages. We have access to the industry experts and services you will need in this market. You can benefit from an invaluable network that includes more than 500 corporates and over 10,000 business professionals. Aside from the aforementioned customer and administrative services, employing our Business Representation services offers you:

Connections to our strong, profitable network of contacts and members including experienced lawyers, tax accountants, real estate agents, personal consultants and insurance representatives

The exchange of ideas and experiences with established companies to help uncover best practices for a successful market expansion - these contacts could be potential business partners or customers

Direct access to important information sources such as governmental offices, associations, and certification offices.

What we offer
Core functions
  • Reach and link to the said markets
  • Business address and telephone lines
  • Reduced cost and risk as there won't be a need to invest in an office, staff etc
  • Flexible, cost and result oriented approach
  • Allows you to focus on your core business
  • Use of our network and database - both domestic & international
  • Captive incentive and corporate clients
  • Customer servicing including handling of enquiries, bookings, complaints, correspondence and feedback
  • Payment processing
  • Market expansion and lead generation via aggressive sales, marketing & promotional initiatives
  • Brand building
  • Planning and execution of promotional activities
  • Representation in Trade shows and fairs
  • Accounting & MIS
  • Storage of sales and marketing collaterals
  • Tele marketing
  • EDM's
  • Fully equipped office
  • Technology focused
  • Dedicated resources to represent your business.

Get In touch

For any further escalation please contact us, We look forward to being of service to you.



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